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Patio Plus

Feel the warmth of the summer sun.. all year long.

Manufactured in Canada, Built to Last

Forget what you know about the cheap, poorly made offshore heaters for sale in the Big Box stores. Patio Plus Patio Heaters are a commercial grade product – made to work, and made to last!

Built to commercial standards to meet the durability and serviceability requirements of the restaurant, resort, and tourism sectors, the Patio Plus line has been developed with a focus on providing a quality built product that provides years of reliable service. Fully serviceable with replacement parts readily available, some of our customers have used their Patio Plus units for over 15 years!

The Heater

  • Black and stainless steel finishes available.
  • Manual push button piezo ignition, and 24V direct spark ignition options available
  • Provides coverage over a 20′ diameter (approx. 325 sq ft.)
  • Natural gas and propane fired models built to order with no field conversions required.
  • A wide variety of models with versatile options for almost any application.
  • Industry best 4 year warranty.

The Radiant Tube

  • 50,000 BTUH provides ample heat over a generous pattern of heat distribution.
  • Manufactured in Canada, made with quality North American materials and components.

The Reflectors

  • Solid spun high polish aluminium 34″ reflector for maximum heat pattern – the result of extensive testing and research.
  • Highly polished material to provide the absolute best in reflectivity.

Patio Plus Models


Portable Models

Totally portable, self contained heaters that require no external gas or electrical connections. A Propane cylinder is conveniently housed in the base of the heater. Ignites with a heavy duty push button piezo spark igniter, with burner controls conveniently located on the burner base.

  • PH-45-30-P-LPB – Black Finish
  • PH-45-30-P-LPS – Stainless Steel Finish
  • PH-WK1 – Patio Plus Wheel Kit

Freestanding Models

A portable heater on a weighted base for use with an approved flexible gas connector connected to a natural gas or propane gas supply. Ignites with a heavy duty push button piezo spark igniter, with burner controls conveniently located on the burner base. Have a gas outlet on your deck, and one by the pool!

  • PH-45-FS-LPB – Black Piezo Ignition LP
  • PH-50-FS-NB – Black Piezo Ignition NG
  • PH-45-FS-LPS – Stainless Piezo Ignition LP
  • PH-50-FS-NS – Stainless Piezo Ignition NG
  • PH-500 – Factory Supplied 15′ x 1/2″ Neoprene Flexible gas Connector With 1/2″ Quick Disconnect
  • PH-WK1 – Patio Plus Wheel Kit

Stationary Models
Fixed Base & In-ground

These models are designed for permanent installation. The Fixed Base model can be surface mounted to existing decks and patios, while the In-Ground model can be pre-installed prior to the construction of concrete surfaces. All stationary models are available with a manual piezo spark igniter, or a 24v wired Direct Lite ignition. Direct lite models have no standing pilot light.

  • PH-45-FB-LPB – Black Finish Piezo Ignition LP
  • PH-50-FB-NB – Black Finish Piezo Ignition NG
  • PH-45-FB-LPS – Stainless Finish Piezo Ignition LP
  • PH-50-FB-NS – Stainless Finish Piezo Ignition NG
  • PH-45-FB-D-LPB – Black LP 24V Direct Lite
  • PH-50-FB-D-NB – Black NG 24V Direct Lite
  • PH-45-FB-D-LPS – Stainless LP 24V Direct Lite
  • PH-50-FB-D-NS – Stainless NG 24V Direct Lite
  • PH-45-IG-LPB – Black Finish Propane
  • PH-50-IG-NB – Black Finish NG
  • PH-45-IG-LPS – Stainless Finish Propane
  • PH-50-IG-NS – Stainless Finish NG
  • PH-45-IG-D-LPB – Black LP 24V Direct Lite
  • PH-50-IG-D-NB – Black NG 24V Direct Lite
  • PH-45-IG-D-LPS – Stainless LP 24V Direct Lite
  • PH-50-IG-D-NS – Stainless NG 24V Direct Lite
Square Mounting Bracket
“C” Mounting Bracket

Hanging Models

A permanently installed hanging model with push button spark igniter, or 24v direct light – no standing pilot. Perfect for areas where floor space cannot be sacrificed. For hanging installation below a suitable structure. Complete with your choice of square or “C” shaped hanging brackets. Gas piped from natural gas source or bulk propane tank.

  • PH-45-H-LP – Piezo Ignition LP
  • PH-50-H-N – Piezo Ignition NG
  • PH-45-H-D-L – 24V Direct Lite LP
  • PH-50-H-D-N – 24V Direct Lite NG

Need help?

We offer assistance for you to find the right heater for your space.

Customer Feedback

J. Mitchell from Farmington, ME

I bought two Patio Plus heaters from you several years ago. It might have been nearly 15 years. I put one on my deck in the direct sun everyday, summer and winter, for 8 years.

After I completed building a new home on a local lake 7 years ago, I brought my heaters and placed one on my deck, and one on the screened porch. I purposely built the porch to accommodate the heater with proper clearances.

My Patio Plus heaters have never failed me, work like the day they were new, and most amazingly the paint finish, even after all that exposure to the elements, shines almost like the day I unpacked them.

This has been among the best product purchases I have ever made and besides giving hours of comfort outside on my deck and porch, has been the topic of amazed conversation by dozens and dozens of friends.

Patio Plus installations


Operation and Installation Instructions

Full installation/operation instructions for the Patio Plus patio heater.

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Engineering Submittal

Quick specs, diagrams, and specifications for the Patio Plus patio heater

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All of our products have been tested to CSA/CGA & AGA standards Intertek ETL Laboratories to 100% compliance with both Canadian and US gas code. 100% insurance company approved!