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High Intensity Gas Infrared Heaters

Single and Two Stage

Heat a person, heat a spot, heat a building with the Easy Radiant High Intensity infrared heater.

Available in inputs of 30,000 to 200,000 BTUH, single and 2 stage, NG or LP fired.

120V, 24V, and millivolt controlled models available.

The Heater

  • Burners from 30,000 to 200,000 BTUH (30-35k BTUH not available in Canada).
  • Single and two stage models available.
  • Natural gas and propane fired models built to order with no field conversions required.
  • Reliable electronic direct spark ignition.
  • Millivolt controlls available – no power required.
  • Continuous combustion monitoring with 100% safety lockout.
  • Factory ready to accept either 24V or 120V controls.

High Intensity Heat

At the heart of the high intensity heater is an atmospheric type, 100% primary air burner utilizing a perforated ceramic combustion surface. The flame causes the ceramic surface to reach incandescent temperature of approximately 1700° to 1850°F. A high rate of infra-red energy is generated, and directed to where it is needed.


High intensity units excel in situations where large amounts of directed, focused heat energy is required. Spot heating and heat recovery are some common high intensity applications. The compact size of the units also allow them to be used in areas where other heating equipment might not fit.

Need help?

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Operation and Installation Instructions for Single Stage

Full installation/operation instructions for the high intensity gas fired single stage heater

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Engineering Submittal

Quick specs, diagrams, and written specifications for the high intensity gas fired heater.

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All of our products have been tested to CSA/CGA & AGA standards Intertek ETL Laboratories to 100% compliance with both Canadian and US gas code. 100% insurance company approved!