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EZ Duzzit

Residential Shop and Garage Radiant Tube Heaters

Enjoy the luxury of comfortable, quiet, efficient radiant heat in your residential garage, home hobbyist shop, backyard auto shop, or man cave.

The Heater

  • 40,000 BTUH in 12′ U (model ED-40-U), 22′ straight (model ED-40-S), and 10′ x 10′ “L” (model ED-40-S with 90 degree elbow) configurations.
  • Natural Gas and Propane models built to order – no field conversions required.
  • Install as low as 7′ from the floor.
  • Comes standard with hanging chain, flexible gas connector, 24V thermostat, and side wall exhaust termination in the box
  • Full 4 year bumper to bumper guarantee.

The Burner

  • Reliable electronic hot surface ignition.
  • Built with 100% North American made electronic controls.
  • Continuous combustion monitoring with three to five ignition trials before 100% safety lockout.
  • Totally enclosed blower motor with internal thermal overload protection. Blower motor is externally mounted for ease of accessibility and to simplify intake air connection (4″ combustion air intake duct adapter comes standard).
  • Dual air proving switches monitor combustion air and exhaust airflow for safety.
  • Flame observation port to visually observe combustion.
  • Factory ready to accept either 24V or 120V controls.

The Radiant Tube

  • Emitter tubes are 3.5″ diameter, 16 gauge North American steel.
  • Primary combustion tube made of high temperature, high emissivity specialty alloy.
  • Secondary tubes constructed of 16 gauge carbon steel for high emissivity.
  • Swedged tube for ease of installation – no couplers or clamps required at joints.
  • Emitter tubes provided with a 20 year burnout guarantee.

The Reflectors

  • Highly efficient, wide angled aluminum reflectors – engineered to reflect maximum radiant energy over the largest effective area possible.
  • Highly polished material for increased reflectivity.
  • Steel hangers with suspension points for both flat and angle mounting of reflectors.

Canadian Home Workshop Magazine – March 2014

Winter Warm Up

by Gord Graff

Over the years I’ve tried various methods of heating my garage workshop, but none of them were cost-effective or produced even heat – until now. Last autumn, I helped a contractor install an EZ-Duzzit residential garage heater (model ED-40-U) from the folks at Easy Radiant Works in Wainfleet, Ont., in my workshop.

This radiant tube heater works as a closed system, getting its outside combustible air via a 4″ duct from outside my shop. The exhaust exits through the roof or through the wall, depending on the application.

A radiant tube heater heats the objects in the room, much like the sun heating the Earth’s surface and, in turn, these heated object radiate this heat back into the room. Requiring no blower to move air, this heater heats the floor, the walls and objects in my shop with no temperature variations (hot or cold spots) like there is with a conventional hot-air heater.

Throughout the winter, I was meticulous in monitoring the heat in my workshop with an infrared thermometer to test the effectiveness of this heater, and I can honestly say that I was amazed at what I found. I set the heater to 65F and left it there throughout the winter months. The walls, concrete floor, and even items inside my shop cabinets remained at 65F regardless of the temperature outside.

Checking the gas bill, I noticed no appreciable increase in gas consumption over last year’s bill. I wish I had done this years ago.

HGTV’s “In The Workshop”

March 2000

Canadian Home Workshop Magazine – June 1998

Heat, Glorious Heat

by John Sillaots

I researched various ways to heat my haven. Electric was too expensive, I wasn’t comfortable with a wood-burning stove, and baseboards or a floor heater took up too much floor space. In the end, I opted for a ceiling-mounted Easy Radiant Works EZ-Duzzit radiant heater, like the kind you see in arenas. I live in the country, so my heater is powered by propane, but the units can also be hooked up to natural gas. You have to specify which fuel source before you order one

Unlike conventional heaters that heat a room’s air, the energy from a radiant heater warms up objects in the room, including the floor. These objects, in turn, return heat to the room, the same way the sun warms the earth’s surface, which then warms the air. This system eliminates the need for fans to move the heat. My heater also takes the air it needs for combustion from outside via a duct, meaning it doesn’t use shop air that might contain dust particles—in other words, and a safe system. And other than cleaning dust off the reflector shield when required, it is virtually maintenance-free. Heaters are available in different configurations; for those of you familiar with BTUs, these units produce 40,000 BTUH.

My system was delivered in two boxes. The heater must be installed at least 7′ from the floor with a minimum clearance of 4″ from the top of the reflector to the ceiling. Using the directions and the hardware provided, my gas contractor had the system hanging within 30 minutes. Once the Propane Company delivered and hooked up the tank, and inspected the system, I had heat!

It runs from November to mid April. My first season cost about $200 in propane; natural gas would be even cheaper. I tried four different locations for the thermostat, settling at six feet from the garage door. It’s set at 20 deg. Celsius (72 deg. Fahrenheit) and I leave it at that temperature all the time. Comfy.

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