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The streamlined, high intensity patio heater. High and low heat output at the flick of a switch.

Small Heater, Big Heat

Small, sleek, and compact, the Equator patio heater provides generous coverage of up to 196 sq. ft. while blending seamlessly with its surroundings. Sight lines and scenic patio views are left unobstructed while the unit provides warm, gentle radiant comfort.

The attractive Equator high intensity infra-red heater will increase the use and enjoyment of outdoor areas. The warm and red glow of radiant heat attracts people to the outdoor area on cool days and evenings, times when the patio might otherwise be empty. The streamlined design blends in well with most any decor. Equator heaters are easily mounted on outdoor walls, under ceilings and on posts or poles.

The Heater

  • Durable weather resistant black and stainless steel finishes available.
  • 120V plug in models with optional manual wall switch control, with optional handheld remote control available
  • Provides up to 196 sq. ft. of coverage per unit.
  • Wall, ceiling, 4″ x 4″ post, and 3″ dia. pole mounting hardware available.
  • Industry best 4 year warranty.
  • Manufactured in Canada, made with quality North American materials and components to commercial grade specifications and standards.
  • High intensity ceramic burner provides exceptional coverage and spot heating.
  • All units switchable from low at 30,000 BTUH to high at 40,000 BTUH.
  • Reliable direct spark ignition system.
  • Electronic flame sensing with auto shut off in case of flame failure.
  • Available in NG or LP fired models, no field conversion required.

The Equator looks great and discreet on any patio!

Equator Models

Side view, Stainless Steel Finish
Front view, Black Finish

Two stage burner, 40,000 BTUH high, 30,000 BTUH low. Switch between high/low fire via unit mounted switch, or with optional wall mounted control. Powered with 120V plug in connection. Can be controlled with standard 120V wall switch, timer, or any standard 120V control. Optional handheld plug in remote control kit available. Durable weather resistant black and stainless steel finishes. LP or NG fired, built to order, no field conversion required.

  • HI-30-40N2B – Black Finish, NG
  • HI-30-40N2S – Stainless Finish, NG
  • HI-30-40P2B – Black Finish, Propane
  • HI-30-40P2S – Stainless Finish, Propane
  • HI-WALL – Wall/Ceiling Mounting Bracket Black
  • HI-WALLSS – Wall/Ceiling Mounting Bracket Stainless
  • HI-WOOD – 4″ x 4″ Post Mount Bracket Black
  • HI-POST – 3″ Dia. Post Mount Bracket Black
  • HI-ER-100 – 120V Plug In On/Off Remote Control
  • HI-RX1R – 24V – Wall Mounted On/Off High/Low Control

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Equator installations


Operation and Installation Instructions

Full installation/operation instructions for the Equator patio heater

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Engineering Submittal

Quick specs, diagrams, and specifications for the Equator patio heater

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